Welcome to my ‘Fantasy World’.

I may refer to it as mere ‘castles in the air’ if you find it all strange and little bit hard to accept. I would not say to be blindfolded but have unquenchable thirst in want of reason and logic.

And ‘Yes’, for me ‘ life is just a dream’ instead of ‘Matter.’ My all avenues of hopes get incessantly fuelled when this whole of creation appears to be a ‘Dream’ which ‘I’, ‘You or ‘We’ are witnessing.

I want to rebuild my dream by concentrating upon my ‘Thoughts.’ I have immeasurable desire to go beyond everything, what never got allowed, in the realm of ours ‘human intelligence’. Please go ahead, if I may sound, even a little bit in my senses.

Rest………well, you are prudent enough.

All the best.


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