Who am I

Well, what to write in my introduction!!! Am I Anupam as being deha or body, soul or Spirit!!! Sometimes I am so limited full of anxieties, uncertainties, and complaints to so called God. At the next moment Spirit comes in and it appears there is something inside me who knows all and he has nothing to do with this Creation. He is nobody but my own untainted, boundless existence who does not have his individuality. He becomes as I want.

Am I Soul!!! Come on, I don’t accept this theory of soul. It’s like Water has transformed into Ice means, Me. In other words Soul has gone into bodily consciousness, hence, solidified.  So, I can’t accept its delusionary separate existence. How can water and ice be two different identities once transformation has taken place. To be on more clearer ground soul is like watery existence and I am Ice. Both are one.

I even can’t accept the aloof existence of Spirit. It’s like hydrogen and oxygen that got altered into water and then consolidated in the form of Ice. I am not finding any other analogy to have my Say. Last but not the least, all three existences appear to be one I would say, except they are living in different dimensions like the theory of the multiverse.

I don’t think I can write anything more at this juncture of introducing myself. Thanks for your patience.


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