Atheist, atheist meaning, agnostic meaning

I am not asking. I am imagining, I am being asked. Well, what does we mean by an atheist? Dictionary says the person who does not believe in the concept of God, is an atheist. In that way I consider myself as an agnostic. 

 I do not buy the thought that humans are nothing but animal till they realize themselves as being everlasting spirit or accept somebody in the name of omnipotent.

I cannot believe anything because countless people since countless ages put their faith in. I respect all scriptures but not without discretion has its say.

Dualism vs Non Dualism

Fundamentally, there are two schools of thought in the spiritual realm namely formful and formless. In India, we term it as Dvaita means dualism and Advaita signifies non dualism.

Dvaita believes in the concept of external God with real form and Advaita regards God beyond name and form. It accepts the unified existence of Soul and Spirit.

They are just inseparable unlike Dvaita. This very concept is prevailing all over the world in different tones and textures but foundation remains the same.

However, in both the schools of thought human loses its significance. He must realise his utter limitations, of course, he can bask under the glory of unifying with his God, the actual doer.

He can also experience his all-pervading existence beyond space and time.

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