Destiny is a kind of cryptic word. All defines it in their own ways. I would write how I feel about it.

Saying ‘What goes around that comes around’ is a kind of generic statement because there are so many intricacies, subtleties taking circumambulations around this seemingly simple word ‘Destiny.’

In accordance with Hindu Philosophy destiny is nothing but the offshoot of your accumulated karmas. Karmas take birth from your ‘Prakriti’ means your psyche.

There is a saying in Hindu Philosophy ‘As you sow as you reap.’ Precisely it is the very basis of ‘Destiny.’

My question is from where the chain of karmas got started?

When I was completely ignorant about good and evil, even did not know about social values in terms of my duties, morals, or ethics, on what ground my karmas were being decided.

The reason is without having any yardstick how could the quality of my karmas be measured!!

Ignorance is ‘Curse’

Undoubtedly, my first karma must have originated from my utter ignorance and that very karma would have started the chain and gradually I got trapped like a fly in the spiderweb.

We hear God has had been always there to take care of this creation. He has given free will to all.

But don’t you think free will only should be offered to a person who knows a little about life instead of giving authority to immature creature.

It’s like giving knife in the hands of an individual without making him understand its nature in the name of free will. Now it is up to you whether you cut a fruit out of it or the neck of someone.

This is your very first karma that is going to decide your upcoming lives. Why God leaves me scot-free only to let me curse myself later!!

Forget about past, why God does not warn me ever whenever I am about to do something that is going to affect my life not in good way!! Why when the time passes by, I have to comprehend all.

Rapes, plundering, murders, unexplainable brutalities just go on taking place but nobody up in the heaven stops this in the name of my independent choice!!

Does a good father or parent would close their eyes if the son goes astray!!

You would never get clear answers to all these puzzles.

However, I am going to take you in the unknown mystical world of its own realities but for that you have to keep aside your human intellect for a time being.

Later on you are free to decide was it all foolhardy or it streamlined everything’.

However, first of all, some fundamentals must be clear. I am explaining everything in accordance with Hindu Advaita Philosophy, of course, I would extend it further where it stops.

Seen exists because of the ‘Seer’

Advaita accepts this creation as being ‘Dream World’ that is there because of an observer means ‘You’. Precisely speaking its all play of Mind.

The existence of object is there because of the Subject. Keep this intact in your mind unless you may reach nowhere.

The famous ‘Double Slit Experiment’ in the field of ‘Quantum Mechanics’ also validates that in the absence of an observer light appears to be wave (non-physical) otherwise particle (physical).


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