What happens to your soul when you commit suicide

I was just searching the key phrases to write my post and found the disturbing one ‘what happens to your soul when you commit suicide’.

Initially I was a bit reluctant to write upon this subject but then after much thinking decided to write upon it. The reason was just to let people know that ending life is not something to get rid of your pain and suffering forever.

In our ‘Hindu Scriptures’ there is a holy book called ‘Geeta’ where it is written that “Your last thought while you are leaving this world decides the next incarnation”.

Our Vedas, the part of our Hindu Scriptures too, say this universe is nothing but an ‘Idea’ and what you observe around ‘You’ and beyond, are the forms of those ideas same as we see in our dreams.

And ‘Yes’, undoubtedly, for seeing ‘Dream’ we need the ‘Witness’.

In the western world this is explained in the name of ‘Quantum Physics’ that says all the objects exist because of an ‘Observer’.  Go through ‘double-slit experiment’ and you may understand what I want to say.

So, in a way science and spirituality both are taking this life as being ‘Dream’. Please don’t make it Science vs Spirituality kind of perennial debate. That’s not my goal at all.

I have verified it too in my long 25 years of spiritual journey. For me everything written above is nothing but ‘Truth’ but of course you can have your own ways to find your reality.

Now I share with you a very famous authentic past incarnation case of India that got verified in the best possible ways when India was under British colonial rule. You can search it on your own to have your ‘Say’.

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