Karma Yoga (Chapter III) ‘Listen to the Inaudible’

Karma Yoga


A bus, jampacked with pilgrims, was going towards a very famous religious place through a hilly area. Out of nowhere because of a landslide it fell into a valley that resulted in so many tragedies.

A man was going somewhere on his scooter or bike. An eagle was flying in the sky with a snake in its beak. In the next moment, the snake slipped from its beak and fell on the man who was driving his vehicle.

The snake in its panicky state bit the man and he died because of its poison. Right then the eagle came to the ground, fetched the snake again and flew away to the sky.

It’s not a concocted story but it’s a part of a well established national newspaper.

Due to a very heavy earthquake, the whole of the city crumbled into dust. A man was going to take a dip in the holy river, out of the blue, a wave came with an electric speed and took him away.

After a while everything was fine as if the wave just came for the sake of that man.

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