Karma Yoga, What is karma yoga, Predestination vs Free Will

A man was driving his car in the night while the other was crossing the road. The man had a tussle with his wife, so, he was perturbed. He could not see someone in front of his car and hit him. The pedestrian died.

A mother was very much frustrated because of her drug addict son. Her son used to steal money from the home for buying drugs. One day he did not find the money but noticed his mom is counting money inside the room.

He lost his control, went to his mother and asked for money. She denied right away, however, the son started grappling with her to snatch the money out of her hands.

She pushed him hard but forgot that there was a nail on the wall behind the head of her son. His head struck on the nail and the disastrous happened. He lost his life because of heavy blood loss.

A lover wanted to kill his girl friend who was living in a girl’s hostel. He kept eyeing on her daily routine and arranged a contract killer to end her life. On the doomsday the girl changed her plan to go outside.

As the luck would have it, her room mate grabbed that opportunity to fulfill her wishes to put on the girl’s dress she was waiting for since long.

The girl smiled and nodded her head in approval. Both were alike in terms of physical structure.

The room mate bid her adieu and moved towards her destination. She covered her face with a scarf as they both used to do while coming out of the hostel.

The killer misunderstood her as being the target. She got stabbed multiple times in the open daylight on the street.

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