Karma Yoga

May I know ‘Who are You”?

And ‘Yes,’ I am not talking about your ‘Identities’ that you borrowed from others in the name of family, society or alma mater including the work you are involved in.

Can you imagine anything beyond!! If not, then, can we term these all as your ‘Boundaries’ or ‘Limitations’, inside which, you are rejoicing your ‘Freedom’ or in more apt words I should say ‘Surviving.’

Is everything in your hands? The answer can come in both ways ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. However, I have nothing to do with ‘Yes’. My ‘Aim’ is to make you concentrate upon your ‘No’ because from here the journey of expansion begins.

When I talk about expanding the horizons of your human mind, I am in no way, referring to get liberation from the so called transitory nature of this ‘Creation’.

I am not interested at all talking about Salvation or enjoying heaven in lieu of the good deeds you do on this earth.

Last ‘Thought’ decides next ‘Incarnation’

Everyone is free to take the meaning of the ‘Geeta’ in their own ways.

For me the shloka (8.6) of the ‘Geeta’ in which Sri Krishna reveals that your last empowering ‘Idea’ at your death bed decides your next ‘Incarnation’ is the very foundation of our lives.

Running on the same lines it also simply means that your present life is nothing but an offshoot of the dominant ‘Idea’ that was hovering over your psyche while you were counting your last breaths in the previous incarnation. And your ‘Ideas’ cannot be isolated from your ‘Identity’ or ‘I’ you relate with.

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