‘Karma Yoga’ (Chapter I) ‘Prologue’

Human discretion vs Karma yoga

Now from here a kind of confusion begins. I am not at all talking here about the interaction that took place between Arjuna and Krishna.

I am talking about its message that was taken by different people in their own ways.

Some manipulated it to suit their own interests and the others labelled this as mere politics of Krishna, the remaining ones did not understand the real soul of Sri Krishna’s teachings.

Let me elaborate a little bit in this regard. An advocate can think that he is following the ‘Karma Yoga’ of Sri Krishna by taking shelter into the world of lies because it is his ‘Karma’ to save his client no matter what kind of heinous crime he has executed.

In return he is earning very good amount of money. That’s rubbish.

A householder can be of the opinion that he is looking after his family to his level best, without any expectations, is a kind of following ‘Karma Yoga’. Sorry ‘You are wrong’.

I do not talk about the people who consider Krishna as being politician or manipulator. Actually, they are doing nothing but projecting their very mindsets on the Sri Krishna.

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