‘Karma Yoga’ (Chapter I) ‘Prologue’

Real karma is ‘Enigmatic’

So, what’s the real ‘Crux’ of ‘Karma Yoga’!! Well, to understand it go deep into the character of Sri Krishna.

Say, on one hand Krishna was teaching Arjuna, the duties of being Kshatriya (warrior), however, on the other side Krishna avoided the war with Jarasandha.

He literally ran away from Mathura with his people as soon as he heard Jarasandha was going to attack Mathura.

This action of Krishna tarnished his image and he was named as ‘Ranchod’ means a person who ran away from the battlefield.

During those days the war was fought with certain principles. Every good Kshtriya was ethically bounded by those rules, however, what Krishna did!! He threw outright lies in the Mahabharta war.

Krishna was not bounded by contemporary traditional beliefs like of Yudhistra or Bhisma.

Yudhistra never left the path of truth and Bhisma never broke his vow of protecting Kuru lineage no matter what they are doing. So, in a way Krishna was not a part of social beliefs system.

He was ‘God’. He came here to balance good and evil. He had nothing to do with his image and following traditions instead he was here to propound ‘Dharma’.

He was omniscience and knew the bygone past, ongoing present and the coming future of all standing in the battleground of Kurushetra.

He told Arjuna “You are going to kill those who already have been destined to be killed. You are just the medium to materialize their ‘Prarabhdha’ (fate).

If you do not execute this, someone would. So, better follow your Kshtriya dharma.”

Now after reading ‘Geeta’ what you people do? How you become sure that whatever you are doing is right!! You arrange a loan from a bank to send your son to a good institution for education.

It’s part of your social structure but who tells you it’s a right karma!!

How do you know it would lead for his good future. Do you know what took place in his previous incarnations whenever he came into that particular institution.

You are just moving in dark in accordance with your conditioned brain without knowing what is coming ahead.

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