‘Karma Yoga’ (Chapter I) ‘Prologue’


So, first of all vacate your brain and throw all of your ideologies to the winds. Call Krishna inside you as much as you can until ‘He’ responds.

For your information, Arjuna has not died yet. He is living inside you. But what he is doing? He is not invoking Krishna to guide him. He is foolishly thinking whatever he is doing it’s the wish of Krishna. It’s so stupid.

You are like Arjuna on the chariot but Sri Krishna, the charioteer is not existent and you are fooling around in the name of ‘Karma Yoga’.

Go ‘Inside’, close your eyes and say “I am a fool, moron and bounded by limited human ego. I am a slave of external circumstances that go on impinging upon me all the time.

I am slave of my desires, ambitions without knowing what may lead to upliftment and what may make me fall. I know nothing. I even do not know why I am here. I am completely illiterate Krishna.

Come and grab my neck so that I would never take even a slightest wrong step in wrong direction. Please guide me.”

I did that readers in 2003, of course, I was not calling Krishna. I was supplicating to my ‘Spirit’. Some tears rolled down from my eyes and my life gradually got transformed.

That’s all, I think. The ball is in your court now.

All the best.

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