‘Karma Yoga’ (Chapter I) ‘Prologue’

Event makes replica till you understand

I have some examples out of my life where a kind of good opportunity came into someone’s life but I was not feeling right and then the disastrous happened in a month or two.

If it would have been possible, I had denied the person to accept that opportunity but I could not.

If you may read Brian Weiss ‘Many lives and Many Masters’ on past life regression you may understand life always gives you an opportunity to choose your path but who would let you know in which direction you should go.

I don’t want to make you dark and gloomy, so, I don’t go further to share some more events. I just want to say we act blindly without knowing our past lives pattern and their impacts upon our future.

We go on repeating the same mistakes because of our conditioned brain and this journey goes on prolonging on the same pattern till the time we don’t understand.

I don’t want to make you confused but still I would say “Do you think Mahabharata war happened for once!!” Not at all. It had taken place millions of times.

The same pattern goes on recurring until it reaches to its desired point. Better don’t believe me. It’s a matter of experience.

So, in a way you are just following the social norms in the name of ‘Karma Yoga’. Did Krishna follow the straight line like Bhisma or Yudhistra!!

You don’t take bribe, you work honestly, you don’t lie but who told you they are good karmas!! If these are good karmas then I am sorry to say Krishna did lots of bad karmas.

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