Predestination vs Free Will

Predestination vs Free Will has had been the most controversial subject since ages. Initially, I may appear to be a little bit pessimist but gradually it would start dawning upon you ‘ I am not’.

Indeed, Matter has had never been never in your hands. It was wearing the most cunning smile on its face while you were counting your last breaths, old and diseased, on your death bed.

It had its demonic laugh when your loved one was struggling to catch up with his or her life and you being the most helpless in the entire cosmos.

Sorry, I do not buy your so called arrogance of winning over the matter in bits and pieces.

On your mental plane you are bundle of fears, apprehensions, insecurities, in some way or the other. Then comes the concept of God or final truth in almost every culture.

All these proclaim nothing but, make me realize my timidity as being human and the supremacy of some Unknown force writing my fate on an ‘Adamant Wall’.

It does invoke the Rebel inside me who defies the so called diminutive mortal existence he is labelled with.

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