Is formless ‘dreaming’ like us

Now I come to unified I’s or ‘formless’ again. I shared with you, as above, three planes where we witness forms. Now my question is on what plane the formless was having its ‘Experience’ !!!! Was ‘formless’ dreaming?

However, to dream we require sleep. Why we require sleep, undoubtedly, to restore our physical and mental energy.

But formless indicates ‘Infinity.’ It simply means unified I’s had boundless, immeasurable energy inside. They had no reason to get tired physically or mentally like us limited human.

As being human we are nothing but just a point in the endless space but ‘They’ were not. Can’t we imbibe reason in our fantasy tale to make it look like real to be a good story teller!!! That’s what we are doing.

To sum up all, the ‘formless’ was not dreaming. Then what both the unified formless I’s was doing!! Was ‘They’ meditating? Here comes the catch. What we do in meditation?

We just choose an ‘Idea or Path’ with all the clarity in our Mind. Then go on focusing upon it with various methods whatever suits us the best. At last, the final experience of that particular path ensues.

Running upon the same lines, can we assume, beyond every definition of time, formless had nothing inside except to experience ‘Its’ material realities in terms of upcoming unmanifested countless creations underlying inside.

Its infinite ‘being’ with ‘Its’ infinite energy, was just focused upon experiencing infinite ‘material happiness.’

One fine day, ‘Its’ bottled up immeasurable energy got the ‘Boom’ and the unified ‘I’s bifurcated into two material realities.

 Since then, they have been getting their grand ‘Subjective Experience’ of being ‘transient’ that would lead, ultimately, to their final ‘objective’ that is ‘eternal material happiness’.

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