Time ‘loop’

Now some of you may ask who told the ‘formless’ to unite ‘Its’ ego with ‘Its’ human images? Was that Spirit or ultimate God? Who decided the overall script from what both the I’s would go through?

Well, Vedas talked about multiverses so is the theory of ‘Quantum Physics’ today. Accept what suits you the best. However, without understanding it you would never be able to understand what I am writing.

So, here I go. Indeed, the ‘Spirit’ who guided the ‘formless’ was nobody except the ‘formless’ itself. Formless took the ‘Aim’ and in order to fructify ‘Its’ goal, guidance was required.

Now prevail the shimmering blue wings of your imagination again and think that ‘formless’ got failed trillions of times on ‘Its’ path.

However, all the failures would give ‘Him’ trillions of experiences. I used here ‘Him’ because of very specific reason that I may explain at some juncture.

Those trillions of experiences would provide the ‘formless’ with the kind of unthinkable maturity that only can be termed as ‘Universal Intelligence’.

So, in a way ‘Spirit’ or ultimate God was nothing but the ‘future reality’ of the ‘formless.’ Understand the ‘Infinity’ instead of seeing the time in a linear way.

In material world we see everything in fragments but in terms of ‘formless’ past, present and future are interwoven into single entity.

I would say in the ‘Infinity’ all happens at once that we witness in fragments in the ‘material world’ in various time loops.

Same applies to the ‘Scripts.’ The evolution of the ‘formless’ as being ‘Spirit’ was deciding the ‘Scripts’ accordingly. So, in a way, formless was the ‘Ultimate God’, ‘Script writer’, and finally limited ‘Mortal being’ too.

I hope you may like my ‘fantasy tale’ if it appears to be real, even a little bit, to you then it means you have touched your ‘unknown chord’ somewhere.

Rest later.

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