Dream vs Reality

In human life we witness forms at least upon three levels. The first one is our world that appears to be sustainable and real for us.

The second one is while we sleep and our mind talks to us, more or less, in its abstract or metaphorical language.

The final one is when we either worship or meditate and see the visions.

Do you think seeing forms in dreams, and visions while meditating, have no difference?

The reason is, the former one is running entirely upon your unconscious plane, in terms of abstract shapes and forms, however, the other one is because of your conscious efforts in one way or the other like reciting mantra or concentrating upon anything.

In dream state your mind take ingredients from your unconscious region to play the game and in your spiritual practices, by and large, you choose your experiences.

In other words, your path decides what kind of experiences you may go through.

First you acquire the required knowledge of almost everything relates with your path under any expert guidance .

Then you focus upon your goal and leave everything that can detract you. Ultimately, all that you gathered become expand and you get your grand ‘Subjective’ experience..

It applies to all paths whether Dualism or Non-Dualism. Indeed, you train your mind to get your subjective experience.

I again repeat I am not talking about exceptions here because that is out of context and we would deal with it later sometimes.

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