The emergence of first ‘Creation’

The whole of the horizon seemed to be painted with bright red and orange hues by a seasoned artist. A luminous ball of light was about to rise to proclaim he would come and go for the ages to come.

A blue tinged ocean was flowing and his waves were splashing on the feet of the primordial couple standing on the shore holding each other’s hands.

The male had no expression on his face, but the female, on his left side, looked to be in awe and little bit panicky as if did not know what was all around.

The formless did not know that both the images were nothing but his own split I’s in the material forms.

“What are you staring at!! They are you. Merge your egos with the images unless it would be all futile. You are about to embark upon your greatest journey that would go for eons. Its neither the movie nor you are the witness. It’s your material reality. Go and embrace it. Forget your so called formless entities, you have had enough.”

Words were coming somewhere from the unknown, deepest core of the formless.

Formless felt like ‘ice is melting’ inside hearing this and witnessed the teary eyes of its human forms. After all both the forms were nothing but reflecting from what the formless was going through.

The tears of ‘formless’ could not be seen, however, both of its human forms, He and His half part, were making those tears visible.

Now there was, by and large, no difference between formless and it’s two material identities. Formless was breathing through its human forms. They all became ‘One.’

The first ‘Karma’

The couple picked up their very first step, then the second and finally completed the tenth one. On all these steps they were holding each other’s hands.

As soon as they completed the tenth step, their unbridled emotions overpowered them and the creation witnessed its very first ‘Material Union’ on the shore of the ocean.

Pause for a moment and ponder over all whatever you have gone through so far.

Does it seem to be a fairy tale or a kind of fantasy or a ‘Myth’!! If not, its fine but if yes, we try as best as we can to make it all acceptable to our logical frame of mind.

Maybe we fail to substantiate it, but at least give it a try. Later on, we would extend this story further and see how the coming creations took shape.

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