My search of ‘free will’

Now I part with my ‘Say’ regarding the word ‘Free Will.’ First of all, I make it clear again that my life took the sea change after reading the single sentence of Vivekananda “This universe is nothing but mass of thoughts”.

He was just referring to Vedas especially Advaita Philosophy. Right then I started seeing everything, without a single exception, in terms of an ‘Idea’.

I would notice everything on my way, especially unique, and decode them in terms of an ‘Idea.’ You may ask why?

The simple reason was they were part and parcel of my path of ‘Aim’ from where I initiated my journey rest was mundane.

In other words, they were the entire package of my very first idea. I referred it as ‘Law of co-relation.’ When I would sum up all it would foretell the outcome of my ‘Aim.’

Gradually, it gave me considerable foresight. Whenever I would go wrong, I would go into retrospective mode to reconsider my findings.

It all started in 2003, I think. In due course, my reasoning evolved into intuitions.

Finally, it dawned upon me, without an iota of doubt, I am living in the ‘Universe of thoughts’ or ‘Dream World.’

The witness is lying in me or I am the witness. Till this point I was votary of ‘Advaita Philosophy.’

However, now the host of new questions started erupting inside me.

As I may ask today, if I am in Virtual World, who is controlling it at all? In other words, if it’s a Dream World who can guide it or exercise its control over it?

It is said “We all are living in our ‘Individual Universe’ that we created in accordance with our deeds or karmas.” Hence, different ‘Destinies’ and ‘Pattern of lives.’

Okay, fine but how these ‘Individual Universes’ got created? Who is all responsible for that? The answer, in accordance with Hindu Philosophy, is ‘My karmas.’

If I would go logically then’ My karmas’ means ‘I am the doer’ in plain and simple language instead of presenting it in cryptic and confused manner.

If I am the doer then its my Dream. If its my Dream then I am the observer and I am creating it, of course, through unconscious plane.

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