Big Bang

Now go more further. I explained in my previous article  that ‘formless means the two unified I’s or super-consciousness namely ‘Male & Female.’

They were Infinite so was the energy residing in them.

One fine day, there was an ‘explosion’, metaphorically, in terms of tremendous pressure inbuilt inside them, beyond every definition, with the might of trillions of big bangs that catapulted them in their ‘Mental World’ or ‘Universe of Ideas’.

We can term it as the ‘birth of mind’ that was already there but inactive. The unfathomable desire of unified I’s to experience each other on material level made this all happen.

They saw nothing but darkness in their ‘inner world.’

Gradually, the darkness disappeared, an eruption of single stream became visible.

The birth of ‘Primordial Couple

Then the stream split into two and two human forms were there namely male and female.

Its like the beginning of the dream took place on abstract level. On the next stage it became a little vivid in terms of human forms.

A stream erupted again from the middle of breasts of the female image, darkness prevailed as usual and then started dispelling gradually, but what happened next was phenomenal, unbelievable and it would be like an unpardonable sin to part with words to describe that most splendid epic moment!!

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