God was ‘Not ALL Knowing’

Now for a time being, say, ‘Bid Adieu’ to all of your acquired information inside your brain, just remember you are nothing but a ‘Dreamer.’ “Are you hearing my voice clearly, be a Dreamer”.

 Show me your ‘Visualization Power.’ Just go a little bit wilder, in your imagination if that’s not amount to blasphemy, and think you were God, before going into your ‘Slumber Zone’ to be the ‘Dreamer.’

And yes, don’t go into the ‘mirage’ thinking you were ‘All knowing’ God. You were ‘formless’, raw and immature.

You had boundless, unsurpassable, immeasurable emotions inside, mostly like high tide waves but, always remember it was happening inside the ‘Infinite’(refer to my post ‘Destiny’ to understand it better).

So, deeper your visualization and think accordingly. Be more than clear, that they did not know what was it all about!!

Its like you are having tears rolling down to your cheeks, but you don’t know from where they are coming and why? Even feeling ‘teary eyes’ is an unknown phenomenon to you.

Indeed, your body, is something like mirror to show the nature of your underlying emotions in terms of your expressions but matter was not there.

Given circumstances or environment are like ‘stimuli to trigger various emotions inside you and then they come on your physical plane.

This is called ‘experiencing’ what was dormant in your very core. However, ‘formless’ was like having heart but no mind to evaluate what was playing in ‘His’ inside world.

Go more wilder, imagine, being formless was not a ‘joyful state’ at all. It was highly frustrating beyond every limit. Infinite creations were lying latent inside them.

Those underlying unmanifested creations were nothing but their desire to experience the matter in terms of everything.

In material world we try our level best to run away from matter to have our eternal peace but in the formless it was from the other way round.

I am not saying ‘believe it all.’ I am just saying sometimes give wings to your fancy or visualization power, for a time being, beyond what you are made to rely upon till date.

Truth would come sooner or later. Defy it at last, no problem, but at least think over it for a while.

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